Friday, 24 February 2017

Technology application will help India's infrastructure development

Technology brings efficiency improvements to infrastructure
Technology is bringing efficiency improvements to infrastructure sector globally. Six Technology based solutions to improve India's infrastructure are given below.
1. Smart Cities
2. Intelligent Freight Logistics
3. Smart Highways
4. Advanced water treatment systems
5. Next-generation construction methods
6. IT-enabled project management systems

Pre fabricated components - - - GIS based surveys - - - frame bids - - - Internet Of Things - - - fresh water demand can be met by water reclamation and recycling
Infrastructure deficiency: India is infrastructure deficient. For faster completion of works at various levels India needs to invest variously in infrastructure, but the funds are not all available. Therefore, investing in Technology makes sense (they are saying) since that drastically improves efficiency.
"... Some 30% of freshwater demand in Singapore is being met through water reclamation and recycling. A Chinese developer completed a 30-storey hotel in 30 days to demonstrate how new industrial approaches could revolutionise construction. These are just a few examples of the staggering efficiency improvements that technology is bringing to the infrastructure sector around the world. ..."
"... The Internet of Things, intelligent transportation and distribution, and advanced GIS (geographic information system) technologies are some of the disruptive technologies that have important applications in infrastructure.
For example, using Internet of Things sensors—which can measure the flow of water through pipes or collect tolls electronically—can help India create smart highways, electronic tolling systems, smart ports and warehousing, and advanced water treatment and management systems. Next-generation construction methods hold the promise for vast efficiency improvements in infrastructure projects. ..."
"... Large concrete components, with built-in electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, can be manufactured remotely in a precision factory, then assembled onsite. Advanced project-management systems such as 5D BIM (building information modelling) combine schedules, budgets and other critical data with 3D architectural modelling, enabling construction firms—and suppliers—to manage the flow of material and labour in real time. ..."
"... The Indian government’s initiative to build 100 smart cities could help create a capital-light model of technology in the infrastructure sector. ..."

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Though this article is more from a business angle or money angle (it mentions stuff like 'Barriers to investment') still since it talks of infrastructure and smart cities and water treatment and construction methods etc. so it found itself mentioned here. They are promoting foreign investment actually.