Saturday, 3 December 2016

Clean, Green, Peaceful, Exciting Chandigarh

Most Perfect City In The World - Chandigarh!
City Beautiful is clean, green, peaceful, exciting.
Chandigarh, the Capital of Punjab and Haryana, is the most perfect city ... in the world!
The City Beautiful may be, as per BBC, the perfect city in the world! Chandigarh, a Tier 2 City, has comparatively cleaner air, is green and clean. It's also peaceful and exciting. :-) It is the first planned city of India and was supposed to be traditional and embrace modernism.
"... Le Corbusier, a renowned Swiss-French architect, was commissioned to take on the Augean task of designing the ideal city. Corbusier designed the city with the utmost precision, keeping in mind the functionality as well, making use of the natural edges formed by the hills and the two rivers to give the city its urban-form. ..."
"... What truly captures the spirit of the city is its people, who are extremely friendly, and polite unlike the brazen kinds that they are made out to be in misleading Bollywood movies. The city boasts of being a cosmopolitan one along with the serene calmness in the structure and the people. A city that perfectly juggles between tradition and modernity. "

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