Sunday, 28 February 2016

Singapore has its reputation at stake because India is corrupt - City Master Plan.

Singapore wants to project itself as a global business leader - new capital city of Andhra Pradesh.
The new capital city of Andhra Pradesh, which was split in two in 2014, will be 7,235 square kilometres which is 10 times the size of Singapore itself whose area is 716 square kilometres. The expected cost is £10.7bn ($16.5bn). Singapore will prepare the master plan and develop the new city. The first phase of construction including government, commercial and residential buildings should be completed within five years. Singapore companies only will build the utilities and the Singapore-based and government-funded Centre for Liveable Cities will train the State Govt. officials.
"... The problem with corruption is often not so much the amount of money that changes hands corruptly, but that inexperienced contractors may win business at the expense of capable ones. They may also be allowed to produce sub-standard work, cut back on health and safety and delay completion. This is particularly prevalent in the construction industry: road surfaces break up prematurely, bridges collapse and lives are lost. These issues often occur when contractors fraudulently take advantage of inadequate contracts management. Were such problems to occur in Andhra Pradesh, it would not only be an enormous setback to construction plans, but would do collateral damage to Singapore’s reputation.
Success will therefore require excellent project and programme management, contracting and contracts management and a resilient anti-fraud and corruption plan. The procurement and contracting team must be independent from the operational teams, and have its own reporting lines both to the programme manager and a very competent board. A strong, independent audit team is a must. ..."
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Conserve resources, care for earth - sewage treatment, solar panels, bio gas, gobar gas.

Save The Environment, Coimbatore Colleges Show The Way.
New Technologies have been introduced in Colleges to move towards conserving resources and care for Earth. Saving on water, power and other resources is on the agenda. Sewage Treatment Plants have been built. Also, solar panels have been installed. Bio Gas, Gobar Gas plants have been installed. Kitchen Gardens have sprung up.
"... installed a sewage treatment plant to recycle water. Every day almost 8 lakh litres are recycled and used for watering ... working on increasing green patches on campus. ... we started the college 30 years ago, Saravanampatti was barren. Today, we have planted trees around each building on ... has a kitchen garden on six acres that supplies vegetables and greens to the hostel mess. ... A biogas plant turns food waste into fuel that is used in the mess kitchen ..."
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Tallest Building of the world in Surat, Gujarat - 1200 metres

Not Dubai, but Surat!? World's tallest Building.
1.2 km tall tower, that is 1200 metres in the Dream City Project.
"... After the discussion with Surat collector Rajender Kumar, the proposal was forwarded to Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB). Kumar told TOI, "The company is planning to create this iconic structure through new patented technology."
"It is an ambitious project that requires clearances from number of agencies like Airport Authority of India and others," said a top government official. ..."

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US Consulate General Building Hyderabad Design Architect

Design Architect for the U.S. Consulate General Building in Hyderabad announced
The Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations makes sure that safe, secure, and functional facilities are provided in host countries to their American staff. They talk about U.S. values, best in U.S. architecture, engineering, technology, sustainability, art, culture, and construction execution.
"... The Department of State has selected Richärd+Bauer of Phoenix, Arizona, as the architect for the new U.S. Consulate General in Hyderabad, India.
The multi-building complex will be situated on a 12-acre site in the Rangareddy District, and will include an office building, a support annex, a utility building, and facilities for the Consulate General community. ..."

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Architecture News India Project. Audience General Public.

Disseminate News On Architecture India
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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Smart Sanitation Solutions - Continuous Thermal Hydrocarbonisation

Faecal sludge is pressure cooked and turned into green energy.
Smart Sanitation Solutions. Toilet Design: A process called continuous thermal hydrocarbonisation kills all germs to create a safe material. Engineers at Loughborough University in the UK are working to build a prototype.
"... toilet is designed to work in both single-family and multi-user contexts, ..." ... "... Making a toilet that is clean, safe, durable and affordable without the need for connection to electricity or a sewerage system is not easy, but that's just what India needs to give momentum to its Swachh Bharat campaign. ..."

"... While BMGF has pledged $10 million over five years, USAID will contribute $2 million. ..." ... "... "Toilets [catchment] is just the first step; we need to look at containment, treatment and disposal of waste. Since building a sewerage [system] is expensive and not always possible, the focus is on non-networked solutions and septic tanks," says Girindre Beehary, country director for BMGF. ..."
Smart Sanitation - Continuous Thermal Hydrocarbonisation
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An Earlier Cover Picture At Architecture News India

Cover Photo
This is an earlier cover photo.

Design In India For Make In India To Be Successful

Design In India and LNG Carriers
Make In India? For that to be successful, Design In India. LNG Carriers are seemingly a priority for India's energy requirements and an important subject for India maritime currently. There has to be a National Shipping Policy; the shipping building industry is in recession.
"... If we have confidence and patriotism, India can build Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Carriers indigenously as the country has an ocean of talents here, the only requirement is our mindsets have to be changed, said Antony Prince. ..."
"... “India’s share in global ship building industry is only 0.4 per cent, this was one per cent in 2006-07.  Building of the LNG carriers will bring in a sea of change in the industry which has been hit by waves after waves of crisis,” Antony said.
He pointed out that upto 40 LNG carriers will be required by 2025 to meet India’s growing energy demands. ..."
"... SEDS has over 70 highly qualified naval architects, and engineers to supply complete design solutions from concept to production of ocean going, coastal, and inland vessels for both merchant and defence purposes. Indian ship building industry is worth Rs.7.3 lakh crore and is growing at ..."

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ANI feels that LNG Carriers are a priority for the country's maritime or waterways front and that's alright but / and alongwith that other products that are very very big, very big, big, medium, small, very small, very very small should also be designed here. But then of course, only adequately skilled or/and properly qualified people should do the respective designs. And for that there has to be design mindset and all conscientious people should go about explaining to all else wherever required about the importance of design in our life. Design Is Order. That is one way to look at it, isn't it? So preach sense, preach order, then preach 'right design', preach necessity of 'design process to be indigenous' as far as possible, but only adequately skilled and qualified people should be hired for any respective job.
And 'so fellow Architects in Construction?, what can you do about the recession in the ship building industry?' :-)

Mapping Countries By Attribute Population - Cartogram

Cartograms are an eye opener, another way to understand a geographic space
Firstly, it's inherent in the design of world maps that they are distorted because the spherical earth is represented on 2-D paper. And then when countries sizes are shown on the basis of population, the map that we are so accustomed to in our minds goes for a complete rejig or redo. Here's a private attempt to understand the world on the basis of population.
"... The map resizes countries based on their population. It's simple: Each square represents 500,000 people. ..."
"... But to be more accurate, both maps aren't actually maps, they're cartograms — graphics that scale a region's geographic space according to a particular attribute.
In the case of TeaDranks' cartogram, the attribute is population. A quick look at it, and a few ideas pop out:
    India has almost caught up with China as being the most populous country in the world.
    Nigeria quickly has become Africa's population hub, with more than twice as many people as any other country on the continent.
    Cities like Delhi, India, and Shanghai, China, have more people than some European countries.
    The U.S. makes up less than 5 percent of the world's population. ..."
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Friday, 26 February 2016

Coast Guard Patrol Vessel Warship Export

First warship export from India.
Designed and built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders, Barracuda is a small Coast Guard vessel but it means a great leap for India. It is supposed to be exported! This is going to Mauritius and two other ships will go to Sri Lanka.
"... Barracuda, the coast guard ship will be the first warship export by India. A 75 ft by 15 ft vessel, the vessel can house 20 sailors. ..."
"... In fact, the Barracuda will also have a feature that is first in its class-it will help in controlling oil spill. ..."
"... The Ministry of Defence has asked the Indian Navy to to identify a shipyard, which could acquire the technology from a foreign nation and build its own submarines. ..."

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Profile Picture Architecture News India

Temporary Profile Picture
Profile Photo across Architecture News India in the present time.
Profile Photo across Architecture News India
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Knowledge Exchange and Celebration Of Architecture. RIBA

After Branches in United States, Hong Kong and Gulf, RIBA to open up a Chapter in India
RIBA will work collaboratively with the Indian Institute Of Architects.
"... The Royal Institute of British Architects, in London, has announced that it will open a Chapter in India, in 2015, to offer “enhanced membership support, networking opportunities and a forum for local activities and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)”.
It will also allow RIBA to work “collaboratively with the Indian Institute of Architects for the
enhancement of the profession”. ..."
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