Monday, 13 March 2017

One Hundred Smart Cities

Solve urban problems and facilitate city management
It is the Government's Plan to build 100 Smart Cities, some from the ground up, and some will be retrofitted. Smart town means everything from infrastructure to the way business is conducted. Urban Transport will be a key factor in the realisation of the aim of the Smart City Project. The Government thinks that basic services like electricity and running water will be taken care of.
"... Urban India is getting crowded. Migration to cities is increasing by the year, which is why the Indian government has focused on creating these smart cities to solve urban problems and facilitate city management. ..."
"... India’s smart city program hopes to revolutionize city life and improve the quality of life for India’s urban population. However, with mass migration leading to basic issues, like water shortages and overcrowding, the pace at which these cities will be developed will be the key. ..."

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