Saturday, 15 July 2017

Newspaper has written about an Architect

Yeshwant Ramamurthy is the founder at Studio One, Hyderabad.
Newspaper has written about an Architect.
Yeshwant Ramamurthy is the founder at Studio One, Hyderabad. He is a graduate from J.J. College of Architecture in Mumbai, and began his career in Bangalore.
".. Commenting on old Indian architecture, he says that the pre-colonial style, emerging from indigenous parameters, was humble and deeply aesthetic. “The colonists transposed grandiose and incongruous style onto native design in a bid to establish cultural hegemony, though many times with disastrous consequences,” he says.

“After independence, India grappled with the idea of rediscovering her design roots, and many buildings of that era display confused priorities. Fast-forward to the present, a time of globalisation, and we see a proliferation of mindless Lego-set facades as clients commission architects to replicate Manhattan in the IT precincts of urban India despite a shocking lack of context.”

But all’s not lost. “Thankfully an increasing fraternity of Indian designers now sees desi as the relevant language to define our emerging vernacular, yet contemporary idiom. Indeed, it is the only plausible way to go,” he concludes."
He says there is a proliferation in IT India of mindless Lego type facades from Manhattan which are out of context. ANI wonders why this simple fact is lost on our janata. Perhaps janata is not as much at fault as Architects themselves. Jury is out?
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