Thursday, 13 July 2017

Railway Stations Development task outsourcing

Large no. of railway stations in shortest possible time
Development of Railway Stations task to be outsourced and bids to be invited on website.
With the aim to complete the development of a large no. of stations in the shortest possible time, the details of the railway stations will be put online. If anybody is sure that they are upto it, then they may tell the Railways what is required from the Railways. The entire exercise will be completely transparent. For instance, the Railways want proper and adequate waiting room facilities, ladies dormitories, segregation of arrival and departure, all essential facilities like catering, unifying integration at both sides, integration with public transport as access station etc.
"... Currently, Prabhu said, there are elaborate processes involved in developing a railway station. He cited “inception and pre-feasibility report”, appointment of architect, technical consultants, financial and legal consultants, “in-principle approval of local authorities”, “request for qualification”, “shortlisting of bidders”, and “request for technical proposals” to underline how this exercise takes such a long time.
“What we are proposing is why not pull all the stations that we have in India for redevelopment without going through these elaborate processes which I have mentioned,” he said. “Rather than that, if you put it in public domain, put it on website and say all the stations of India, small, big, A size, A-plus size, all categories would be developed in this way.” ..."

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This is old news actually. Anyway, the task is slated to begin in 2017.